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The only modern method of Digital Language Lab has been started in Nashik on behalf of Akademi, who has received huge response from Nashik. Only Academy Director Pvt. Sharad Patil Sir said.

Many people have the fear of speaking English or being afraid. It is going to help Computerized Digital Language Lab to remove it. In this, there is a Flat Screen 16 computer system for 15 computers and teachers. Each computer has a headphone with Mike. All these computers are connected to each other by cable. Teacher conversations come in every computer screen. So, every student can read the written communication. Can be heard with headphones. The same conversation can speak by the headphone's microphone. You can compare how accurate your speech is with computer, and if there are any difficulties, the student can directly interact with the teacher without disturbing others. Language Lab is available for the first time with many more such features. In order to correct the accusations of computer students in Language Lab, British English, American English, He can hear different conversations in Indian English and in all three types. Also, the person can also change his own attitudes. However, Nashik has urged the students to take advantage of this computerized Digital Language Lab. Only Academy Director, Prof. Sharad Patil and Director Priya Patil have made it possible to contact only Academy, Anant Chamber, Girna Bank's Basement, Ashok Colony, Nashik.

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